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Staffing: 'CONNECT' Nurses to Greater Leadership Roles
A well-defined roadmap is key to shared-governance success.
Muriel Moyo, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, NE-BC
Publish Date: November 18, 2021   |  Tags:   Leadership Staffing
SPEAK FREELY At a meeting of PIH Health Downey (Calif.) Hospital’s pre-admission testing nurses, staff bring forward — and ultimately take ownership of — their ideas as part of a shared governance program.   |   Muriel Moyo

At its core, shared governance is nothing more than giving the people who do the actual work a voice in how that work is done. While that sounds like common sense, surgical leaders everywhere know this isn’t often the case in health care.

All too often, instead of a shared-governance model where frontline nurses feel empowered to create ideas that will affect day-to-day operations, many facilities adhere to a strict top-down hierarchy where staff are simply given marching orders and expected to follow them. Sometimes this is due to a toxic culture, but in many cases a lack of shared governance simply comes down to a frontline team not having the proper framework in place to make change happen.

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