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Trend to Watch: Boost Staff Recruitment and Retention
Finding and keeping top talent has taken on increased importance during these challenging times.
Carol Katarsky | Contributing Editor
Publish Date: September 15, 2022   |  Tags:   Staffing Leadership Workplace Culture
WELCOME CHANGE Surgical leaders must think outside the box and move beyond the way things have always been done to keep their facilities fully staffed with high-performing professionals.

No industry has been untouched by the Great Resignation, with organizations of all sizes and kinds struggling to retain their best employees — forget finding new talent to fill open positions. The healthcare field has been particularly hard hit with many professionals dealing with burnout and other pandemic fallout. For outpatient surgical centers which already ran lean, the overall staffing shortage and an increase in many procedures that patients put off during the height of the pandemic are creating a double whammy. The good news: There are things that can be done — as individual organizations and at the industry-wide level — to make it easier to find and keep the best talent available.

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