Improve workflow, lower costs, and enhance patient safety

The AORN Syntegrity® Solution is the only trusted perioperative content for your existing EHR.

AORN Syntegrity is standardized content for the electronic health record (EHR) that represents the scope of health information to be captured for patients undergoing operative or other invasive procedures.

The data captured using the AORN Syntegrity content provides information to support clinical practice decisions and patient-centered care.

AORN Syntegrity Is now integrated with eGuidelinesPlus.

Quickly access evidence-based recommendations via AORN eGuidelines Plus directly from your EHR through static hyperlinks.

The AORN Syntegrity Solution consists of:

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Standardized Nursing Documentation with Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS)

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The perioperative-specific content will help simplify your complex surgical environment by:

  • Recommending health record fields to enhance sharing and comparing of data
  • Documenting evidence-based care throughout all phases of periop care (preop, intraop, and postop)
  • Mapping health record fields to the PNDS to link documentation to evidence-based nursing interventions
  • Providing the data to make better patient care decisions

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The AORN Syntegrity® Procedure List


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Improve your facility’s efficiencies with the 2,500+ surgical procedures, which tie to CPT®, ICD10-PCS and SNOMED-CT® codes by:

  • Optimizing search capabilities to easily find the right procedure
  • Enhancing workflows to schedule the correct procedure in the right surgical setting
  • Improving communication to prevent delays impacting patient outcomes
  • Standardizing clinician-friendly procedure terms
  • Keeping your facility up-to-date with industry standard code set mappings

Built by Perioperative Clinicians and Based on the Guidelines

Your surgical team’s success is integral to driving your facility’s profits. AORN Syntegrity will help your team:

  • Improve workflows
  • Capture data to make better decisions
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Lower costs
  • Meet regulatory standards
  • Better measure your nurse’s value

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