The AORN Syntegrity Solution

AORN Syntegrity consists of two parts: a surgical scheduling procedure list and the PNDS with Documentation. If you are trying to improve surgical scheduling through code-set mappings and standardized naming of procedures, or wanting to improve documentation with the only standardized periop nursing language, out-of-the-box EHR content simply doesn’t contain the content you need to run an efficient OR. Contact us to connect directly with a perioperative informatics specialist to learn more.

Improve every aspect of pre, intra, and post operative documentation with evidence-based content.

  • Lower costs 
  • Enhance patient safety 
  • Protect your staff 

Improve efficiency with surgical scheduling and code-set mappings to 2700+ procedures.

Combine evidence based-practices with the PNDS, the only standardized periop nursing language, to improve patient outcomes.

Capture content specific to your procedures with specialty nursing documentation.

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