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Anesthesia Alert: Surviving the Anesthesia Drug Shortages; Key injectable opioids and local anesthetics are nowhere to be found.

Anesthesia Alert; Prevent Post-op Brain Fog in Older Patients

6 Steps to Successful Continuous Nerve Blocks; Simple pointers to increase patient — and surgeon — satisfaction.

Pediatric Pain Management; Reminder: Codeine Could Be Fatal to Children;

What's New in Anesthesia and Pain Control; The quest for speedier and safer fast-on, fast-off.

12 hot new anesthesia products. These devices on display in the American Society of Anesthesiologists exhibit hall could help your anesthesia providers deliver great care.

A drug diverter comes clean. A CRNA's story of how he got away with stealing fentanyl — and how easily someone should have caught him.

Winning with nerve blocks. 20 little-known facts about regional anesthesia that could be holding you back.

Thinking of Buying ... Video laryngoscopes. For intubations, a new standard of care is within sight.

Anesthesia alert: Coping with the boredom of anesthesia. Do occasional distractions help anesthesia providers stay sharper?

Thinking of buying a new anesthesia machine? If features don't add value to patient care in the outpatient environment, you can end up overspending.

5 tips for continuous nerve block success. Seasoned pros share their secrets for managing post-op pain long after patients leave your facility.

The case for capnography. Monitoring of end tidal CO2 is an essential patient safety practice your facility shouldn't be without.

What makes us anesthesia providers tick. Head-of-the table insights for getting the most out of your providers.

Tools for better airway management. Advanced devices and expert techniques have anesthesia providers — and their patients — breathing easier.

10 questions to ask when choosing an anesthesia group. Make sure you get the service you deserve and demand from your providers.

12 things you didn't know about airway emergencies. They can be difficult to predict and frightening to manage. Here's what you need to keep in mind.

5 steps to PONV prevention. Post-operative nausea and vomiting is one of surgery's most unwanted side effects. Here's how to keep patients' stomachs settled.

Anesthesia alert: One simple trick to preempt post-op pain. The magic of a 50 mg dissociative dose of ketamine just before incision.

Anesthesia alert: Key takeaways from the new OSA guidelines. What the latest obstructive sleep apnea recommendations mean to you.

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