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Here’s a look at 5 promising ways to tamp down the intense, persistent post-surgical pain of orthopedic surgery....

Patients often neglect to share important health information with their anesthesia providers before surgery. They might not realize that taking ginkgo biloba for memory,...

5 Key Advances in Anesthesia; The latest tools and techniques that enable safe and pain-free same-day discharge.

The Case for a Block Nurse Coordinator; Our regional anesthesia program ran like a well-oiled machine when we put a point person in charge.

10 Hot, New Anesthesia Products; Highlights from the exhibit hall at the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

All-Natural PONV Remedies; Can these alternative treatments help you prevent post-op nausea and vomiting?

Anesthesia Alert: Tips to Avoid Wrong-Site Nerve Blocks; Regional anesthesia has its own set of safety principles.

What's New in Regional Anesthesia;A quick update on a few exciting developments - and news of a couple setbacks.

Anesthesia Alert: In or Out of Love With Your Anesthesia Group? Before you switch providers, consider the true cost of divorce

Anesthesia Alert: 8 Little-Known Facts About Ketamine; Anesthetic and analgesic properties that make Special K special.

Are You Ready to Handle Difficult Airways? Have a plan in place and needed tools on hand to solve challenging intubations.

Tools to Improve Medication Safety; To eliminate administration mistakes, you have to eliminate the human factor.

Time to Upgrade Your Anesthesia Machines? The newest models help providers deliver inhalational agents safely, precisely and economically.

Your Options in Patient Warming; The benefits of preventing hypothermia extend well beyond warm welcomes.

The Case for Continuous Nerve Blocks; Get on board with the best way to manage post-op pain without opioids.

How to Organize Your MH Carts; Standardized supplies will help your staff save a life when every second counts.

Patient Monitoring Essentials; Capnography and pulse oximetry provide additional reassurance whenever anesthesia is administered.

On Point: Help Solve the Opioid Crisis

An Inspiring Second Place Finish After 26.2 Miles; Q&A with Sarah Sellers, CRNA, 2018 Boston Marathon runner-up.

On the Fast Track; 6 keys to shorter stays in the recovery room.

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