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Cataract surgeons who claim they're not worried about piercing the posterior capsule with a sharp instrument or oscillating phaco tip? "They're either lying or...

In 2006, an outbreak of toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS) caused shockwaves in the ophthalmology community. Task forces were formed, studies were undertaken,...

There are roughly 3 million glaucoma sufferers in the United States and most have one thing in common. "They hate the drops," says Steven Sarkisian, MD, a glaucoma surgeon...

Small pupils are a sizable concern for your cataract surgeons. They increase the risk of serious complications, including damage to the iris, capsular tears, vitreous loss,...

Cool Cataract Surgery Advances; These innovations promise to take ophthalmology's tried-and-true procedure to the next level.

What's New in Cataract Medications; A look at 6 new drugs your surgeons might want to try.

There's That Cataract Van Again; Does outsourcing cataracts make sense for your facility?

2018 Cataract Survey: What's Hot and What's Not; Readers weigh in on new eye surgery technology, new drugs, new procedures and more.

What's New in Eye Surgery; Check out the nifty new products introduced at ASCRS this spring.

6 Secrets to Success With Laser Cataract Surgery; Expert advice if you're thinking of adopting the femtosecond laser.

The Case for Adding Ophthalmic Lasers; These low-cost procedures provide plenty of bang for the buck.

Anesthesia Alert: Cataract Surgeons Giving Anesthesia? Insurer says anesthetists aren't needed for most cataract cases.

Create the Perfect Cataract Surgery Experience; Pampered patients head home smiling and satisfied with the care they received.

The future is bright for procedures that lower intraocular pressure.

Outfit Eye-Popping Eye ORs - Pay attention to the details when preparing versatile rooms for a full complement of cases.

You Can't Put a Price on Pupillary Dilation. Don't hesitate to invest in the drugs and devices that make cataract surgery safer and more efficient.

4 ways to accessorize your ophthalmic microscope. A look at the value in investing in the latest add-ons for your scopes.

Coughing fit during cataract surgery costs patient her vision in 1 eye; docs shell out $1.35M. At issue: whether the coughing started before or during the case.

Numerous cases of a potentially blinding condition have been tied to Vancomycin injections. Although the cause of hemorrhagic occlusive retinal vasculitis is currently unproven, there is a strong association with the use of intraocular vancomycin, says FD

How to stamp out astigmatism. The 5 keys to surgical success with astigmatism correction.

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