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Orthopedic robots pay for themselves. Outpatient joint replacement business is booming thanks to new opportunities and better outcomes.

Is robotic-assisted joint replacement for you? The technology produces better outcomes and could send patients flocking to your center.

Putting surgeons in touch with minimally invasive surgery. Q&A with Allison Okamura, PhD, mechanical engineer and robotics researcher.

The robot revolution has begun. Innovative new platforms could someday redefine minimally invasive surgery.

The case for robotic-assisted total knee replacement. Incredible precision levels the playing field among surgeons and improves long-term outcomes.

Ready for a robot? New technology is improving robotic surgery -- although questions still linger about its use.

Robots Recall: Da Vinci warns customers arms can stall. Imprecise surgical cuts can result.

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Da Vinci's Firefly System Approved for Gallbladder Procedures - This J

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Denver Surgeon's Use of Robot Leads to Unprofessional Conduct Charges

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