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The promise of robotic joint replacements. Precise cuts and implant placement could transform partial knees and total hips.

Don't fear the robot. A once-skeptical surgeon is now a solid supporter of using robotic arms to perform complex abdominal procedures.

Orthopedic robots pay for themselves. Outpatient joint replacement business is booming thanks to new opportunities and better outcomes.

Is robotic-assisted joint replacement for you? The technology produces better outcomes and could send patients flocking to your center.

Putting surgeons in touch with minimally invasive surgery. Q&A with Allison Okamura, PhD, mechanical engineer and robotics researcher.

The robot revolution has begun. Innovative new platforms could someday redefine minimally invasive surgery.

The case for robotic-assisted total knee replacement. Incredible precision levels the playing field among surgeons and improves long-term outcomes.

Ready for a robot? New technology is improving robotic surgery -- although questions still linger about its use.

Robots Recall: Da Vinci warns customers arms can stall. Imprecise surgical cuts can result.

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Denver Surgeon's Use of Robot Leads to Unprofessional Conduct Charges

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