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Your entire self-worth is wrapped up in your job. You always feel on the brink of physical or mental collapse. And of course, you keep these feelings bottled up inside....

Julie Greenhalgh, RN, BSN, CNOR, began her career in the OR in 1975. After 42 years of inhaling surgical smoke, her lungs couldn’t take it anymore. She left the OR a couple years ago for the smoke-free sanctuary of office-based surgery...

Self-Care: 8 Steps to Make Self-Care Part of Your Routine; Simple practices to keep yourself on your priority list.

Safety: My Personal Plea to Ban Surgical Smoke; Don't wait for lawmakers to make your ORs smoke-free.

5 Steps to Smoke-Free Surgery; Your staff will breathe a collective sigh of relief when you clear the OR air of harmful contaminants.

Keep Fluid Off the Floor; A look at automated collection and disposal options that will keep your staff safe.

Employee Safety: An Exhaustive 3-year Quest for 12 Smoke-Free ORs; Northwest Hospital is the first hospital in Maryland to be completely smoke-free.

When Will Your State Outlaw Surgical Smoke? Last month, Rhode Island passed the first state law mandating surgical smoke evacuation. It could help clear the air in ORs across the country.

The Ergonomics of Sharps Safety; Small adjustments to posture and positioning in the OR cut down on injuries from suture needles and scalpels.

Taking Their Last Breath; What if frontline staff demanded smoke-free ORs?

Surgical Smoke Nearly Killed Me. An orthopedic surgeon who needed a double lung transplant is on a crusade to warn others about the dangers of plume.

Study examines the egonomics of surgery and its adverse effects on physicians.

Nurse sues prominent ophthalmologist for assault over violent incident caught on security camera. A renowned refractive surgeon allegedly became infuriated when the ASC's charge nurse asked if he was nearly done his case because his block time was nearly

The aches and pains of laparoscopy. Minimally invasive surgery can be a major pain in the neck (and back, shoulders and wrists) for your surgeons.

Two gloves are better than one. Double-gloving can be a hard sell, but there are plenty of reasons to make it mandatory.

What would you do if bullets started to fly? Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS, surgeon and proponent of preparing for active shooter events.

Sell surgeons on safety scalpels. Emphasizing the personal and financial costs of sharps injuries will help get safer blades into your ORs.

5 steps to improved c-arm safety. ???Protect your surgical team from intraoperative imaging's hidden harm.

Let's ban surgical smoke. It's time to protect all surgical professionals from the harmful effects of toxic plumes.

Prevent slips, trips & falls in the OR. Cords, clutter, puddles and other hazards can lead to workplace injuries.

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