330 Results for Staff Safety

Thinking of buying ... smoke evacuators. Today's innovative devices evacuate surgical smoke right at the source.

5 Ways to make your ORs safe and comfortable. Keep your surgical teams happy and healthy with these ergonomic products.

Are your ORs obstacle courses? Take the necessary steps to reduce risks of slips, trips and falls.

New thoughts on radiation safety. A review of the literature adds clarity to the big picture.

How to conduct a safety sharps trial. Yes, you can get your docs to (at least) trial and (possibly) use safety sharps.

Reduce the risk of surgical smoke. It's time to take ownership in protecting yourself from potential harm.

Safety: Give your facility this drug security test. 5 measures that will help prevent diversion.

Make the switch to safety scalpels. Practical advice for getting your (protected) points across.

Stay ahead of ergonomic injuries. Preparation is the key to prevention.

What's your double-gloving policy? Our survey shows that while double-gloving is catching on, there's still work to be done.

Where there's smoke ... there's progress. We're using education to clear the air in our ORs.

5 steps to safer sharps handling. These precautions limit risks of sticks and cuts.

Check your Ketorolac Tromethamine. Particulates in vials have triggered the drug's recall.

Busting 5 double-gloving myths. Crashing through the reasons surgeons and staff resist double gloves during surgery.

The real hazards of surgical smoke. Are dangerous particles lurking in the air of your OR?

10 products that help keep employees safe. Help prevent cuts, trips, strains, exposures and more.

Is your sharps safety toolkit complete? The most common sharps injuries -- and what you need to prevent them.

Getting to the point of sharps safety. Know the facts and protect your staff.

How dangerous is surgical smoke? The foul-smelling plume can cause long-term harm to staff and surgeons.

Stay on your toes. Prevent slips, trips and falls in the surgical workplace.

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