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Staffing: Solve staff conflicts. Hear both sides of the issue before acting fairly and decisively.

Staffing: No Director of Nursing? No problem. Spread managerial responsibilities throughout the staff.

Staffing: Manning the fort effectively. Your front desk staff are the faces of your facility.

Surgeons' Lounge: Sharing the hats. Delegating those non-patient care tasks.

Surgeons' Lounge: OR etiquette. In search of a surgical code of conduct.

Staffing: Create a team of leaders. "Pit crews" give staff ownership in running the facility.

Surgeons' Lounge: Orientation just got easier.

Surgeons' Lounge: Teamwork. Don't soak the pans.

Surgeons' Lounge: Be good to yourself. 5 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Staffing: Shape up or ship out. Send problem employees home for a day to repent and to reflect.

Staffing: 6 creative staffing solutions. Tips to keep your key people productive and satisfied.

The Surgeons' Lounge: phone etiquette. 10 tips for cell phone use in the OR.

Staffing: Make your new hires stick around. Cut down on staff turnover during the first few weeks on the job.

Up-front rules can sidestep trouble down the road. What's in your employee manual?

Act swiftly and assertively to stop trouble as soon as it starts. Put problem employees in their place.

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