Jia Jiang

Inspirational and Emotional Intelligence Speaker

Jia Jiang is the founder of FearBuster, a keynote speaker and author of the book on how to overcome rejection, Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible, One Rejection at a Time. Several years after Jiang began his career in the corporate world, he took a life-altering risk and stepped into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. His result was everyone’s biggest fear — rejection. This became the catalyst that set Jiang on the path to his true calling.

To conquer the fear of rejection, Jiang embarked on a personal quest and started a blog to face 100 Days of Rejection. His journey revealed a world that was hidden in plain sight; a world where people are much kinder than we imagine. He discovered that rejection can be much less painful than we believe, and that the fear of rejection is much more destructive than we know.

Jiang has taken his message to the stage and is now a highly sought-after keynote speaker. His story has been profiled in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Yahoo News, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. Jiang takes his audience on a journey of triumph and self-discovery and leaves them with actionable teaching skills and a better understanding of the impact of social media in our new world order.