Princess Sarah Culberson

Humanitarian, Actress, Author of "A Princess Found"

Princess Sarah Culberson is a renowned international thought leader, TEDx speaker, artist, and educator known for her work on biracial and cultural identity, as well as her advocacy for Sierra Leone. Her remarkable journey, featured on global platforms like CNN, GMA, and BBC, trended globally in over 60 countries. She co-authored the book "A Princess Found," sharing her story of reuniting with her birth father, which is now being adapted into a Disney Studios motion picture. 

Alongside her brother, she founded the non-profit Sierra Leone Rising, dedicated to providing essential resources such as clean water, education, and medical attention in Sierra Leone. Princess Sarah is also involved in projects related to business, technology, and education, including an animation show with Randy Jackson and a Roblox game aimed at promoting global cultural understanding among children.