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Coding & Billing: Do your surgeons and coders work in sync? Tips to get your docs engaged with the business side of surgery.

CMS's bundled payments offer false hope. Medicare's laudable efforts to control expenses won't do nearly enough.

Coding & billing: Cuts to 2016 colonoscopy rates run deep. The physician work values for the colonoscopy family are cut up to 17%.

Coding & Billing: Are you leaving money on the table? Here's how to overcome 4 common revenue challenges.

Coding & Billing: Top ICD-10 challenges for eye cases. Be on the lookout for these common coding errors.

The focused factory approach to surgery. Every facility, big or small, can implement a standardized approach to how it operates.

Legal Update: Is your pain practice appealing to investors? Here's what corporate partners are looking for in the specialty.

CMS denies 10% of claims under new ICD-10 codes. But only a small number of those denials were due to coding errors.

Coding & Billing: Fight back against rejected claims. 6 tips for turning claim denials into revenue.

Coding & Billing: Your last-minute ICD-10 checklist. 13 steps to take before the new coding system kicks in next month.

Business Advisor: How to measure your cash flow. AR days tell you how long it takes to collect on the case.

Why do ASCs fail? Any of several scenarios can turn a thriving center into an empty shell.

CMS to bundle payments for total knees and hips. Pilot initiative would cover 75 areas, beginning next year.

Coding & Billing: A partial and confusing list of spine codes. Your claims could include excluded and covered services.

Flip this room: The value of turnover kits. Provide your staff with the supplies they need to clean and set up rooms.

Coding & Billing: The countdown to ICD-10. Be ready for the October deadline with these 6 steps.

Shopping for surgery. How to make the self-pay model work for you and your patients.

Talking Points: 7 must-ask questions in any negotiation. How to come out on top in your daily deal-making.

Get patients to pay up. High-deductible plans put patients on the hook for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. It's now your job to collect it.

Coding & Billing: Thinking about going out-of-network? Larger reimbursements are yours for the taking, but at what costs?

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