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Court says no to office-based surgery site's demand for facility fees. By law, only hospitals and licensed surgical centers can collect facility fees.

Achieving world-class turnover time. Help in the never-ending battle to shorten the time between wheels out to wheels in.

Does price transparency pay off? Utah ASC makes shopping for surgery easy.

Reimbursement Roundup: Billing technicality could cost group of surgeons millions. You won't believe why United Healthcare is asking these docs to repay facility fees.

CMS issues 2015 payment rates for ASCs and hospitals. Medicare's final rule includes slight increases over proposed rates.

2,610 hospitals facing Medicare payment cuts for excessive readmissions. Medicare's reimbursement penalties reaching record levels in fiscal 2015.

Coding & Billing: Mixed Reviews for 2015 ASC Payment Rule - Outpatient

CMS proposes modest reimbursement raises for ASCs and HOPDs. For 2015, a 1.2% Raise for ASCs and a 2.1% Bump for HOPDs

Business Advisor: Getting patients to pay up. 6 keys to collecting out-of-pocket expenses on the day of surgery.

Commission recommends 3.25-5.25% increase for HOPDs. MedPAC: Freeze Payments for ASCs in 2015

Attendees pan government website during lively breakout session. Medicare's quality reporting sparks frustration.

Coding & Billing: Inside Breast Reconstructions and Revisions - Outpat

Time's Running Out to Report Medicare Quality Data - This Just In - Au

Medicare's proposed rule for 2014 payment rates would increase hospital outpatient reimbursements by 1.8% and ASC reimbursements by 0.9%.

Coding & Billing: 10 Things Insurers Don't Want You to Know - Outpatie

Ideas that work, new shoulder anthroscopy reporting rules.

Senators Introduce ASC-Boosting Bill - This Just In - June, 2013

Coding & Billing - 17 Business Office Best Practices - Outpatient Surg

Coding & Billing - How to Bill for Premium IOLs - Outpatient Surgery M

Equal Payment Rates for Hospitals and ASCs? - This Just In - March, 20

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