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The Perks of Paperless Preference Cards; Digital platforms take the stress out of knowing you'll have the supplies you need when and where you'll need them.

Here's a look at 11 surgical apps that let you text your patients personalized pre-op alerts, post-op reminders and much more — without anybody at your busy facility having to...

Prescription filled? Text. Package delivered? Text. School closing early? Text. Hair appointment reminder? Text. Yes, nowadays we receive a text instead of a phone call...

The Path to OR Integration; 5 tips on making an efficient and effective transition.

Thumbs Up On OR Integration; The systems are pricey and sometimes unreliable, but overall, facility managers love them.

Is your data secure? Take these steps today to protect your facility from a cyberattack.

Cyberattack targets patient information at Pa. endoscopy center. The incident reinforces the importance of protecting sensitive electronic records from online criminals.

Have you checked out EMRs lately? Today's systems are more useful — and more user-friendly — than ever.

Welcome to surgery's inflection point. Today's technological advancements are transforming surgical care.

A roadmap to OR integration. Follow these steps to unlock the power of technologically advanced surgical care.

10 things I wish someone had told me about EMRs. Potholes to avoid as you head down the paperless path.

Hackers install ransomware on ASC computer network. Pa. surgery center, fearing massive data breach, offers 13,000 patients a year of free credit monitoring.

iOS app coming soon for cataract surgeons. Bausch + Lomb, IBM putting data at docs' fingertips.

Are you ready to be disrupted? Technological advances are already reshaping the future of surgery.

How much more can EMRs do for you? If you're struggling to capitalize on the technology's promising potential, your colleagues might have the solutions you're looking for.

Out of the closet and into the cloud. Tips for cloud computing success.

5 ways EMRs make our lives easier. Going paperless infuses the workday with amazing efficiencies.

Benefits of the integrated OR. From the lights to the laparoscopes, all of the equipment in our rooms is connected via a single software platform.

The evolution of EMRs. Electronic documentation systems continue to imp-rove, offering advantages inside and outside the OR.

The melding of health care and technology is inevitable. Q&A with Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS, healthcare futurist and Google Glass Explorer.

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