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Out of the closet and into the cloud. Tips for cloud computing success.

Benefits of the integrated OR. From the lights to the laparoscopes, all of the equipment in our rooms is connected via a single software platform.

5 ways EMRs make our lives easier. Going paperless infuses the workday with amazing efficiencies.

The evolution of EMRs. Electronic documentation systems continue to imp-rove, offering advantages inside and outside the OR.

The melding of health care and technology is inevitable. Q&A with Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS, healthcare futurist and Google Glass Explorer.

Learning to love your EMR. A conversation with a surgeon who took his hospital paperless.

Surgeons Lounge: App store. Text the Patient's Family Updates from the OR

7 ways to use smartphones and tablets in the OR. Your crash course on using mobile devices at your facility.

The bottom-line benefits of using EMRs. Improved documentation can dramatically increase case volume and surgical revenues.

Can EMRs improve patient care? The answer might surprise you.

Making sense of cloud computing. The cloud can mobilize your facility, but keep your surgeons and staff on the same page.

SIS expands focus beyond traditional hospitals and health systems with addition of ambulatory surgery IT leader Amkai. Surgical Information Systems acquires AmkaiSolutions.

I Didn't Know My EMR Could Do That - Outpatient Surgery Magazine - Jan

Have you automated these 5 areas yet? These folks only wish they'd done it sooner.

After a failed attempt at electronic recordkeeping, the second time was the charm for this surgery center. Learn to love EMRs.

Are Computerized Physician Orders a Safety Risk? - This Just In - Sept

Legal Update: New HIPAA Rules Protect Patients' Electronic Data - Outp

Payoffs of Going Paperless - Outpatient Surgery Magazine - August, 201

Telehealth's Role in Outpatient Surgery - This Just In - July, 2013

Smooth Operations: Using Technology to Streamline Admissions - Outpati

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