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Nurses beat certified nurses challenge

Multi-year campaign raised $120,000 to support perioperative nursing  

The AORN Foundation spent March celebrating certified nurses through the Match Your Commitment Challenge, a month-long campaign with the goal of $10,000 to support perioperative nurse education and patient safety initiatives.  

The Match Your Commitment campaign was supported by a matching gift from the Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI). CCI called on AORN members to support certified nurses for their commitment to the profession and patient safety with a gift to the AORN Foundation. To honor these professionals, CCI committed to match all donations made by a certified nurse or in honor of certified nurse up to $10,000 through the month of March. 

 “Members succeeded in beating the challenge. More than 250 nurses contributed $16,000 to the campaign to be matched by CCI for a total of $26,000,” announced Foundation Director Twilla Barlow. “The four-year campaign has raised $120,000 to support educational programs for perioperative nurses and patient safety initiatives. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our donors and CCI for their generous support.”  

 The AORN Foundation provides support for the certification of perioperative nurses, professional development programs, academic scholarships, and learning tools. Learn more about supporting the Foundation.  


AORN Foundation announces recipient of HAI Prevention Grant

$5,000 grant awarded to support development of OR traffic study  

The AORN Foundation has awarded the Facility Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Prevention Grant to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to support the development of a study on OR traffic and the correlation between traffic patterns to surgical site infection (SSI).   

“Our goal is to investigate new solutions to this long standing OR issue beyond the traditional methods of re-education, policy enforcement and signs/straps on OR doors,” explained Dee San, MBA, RN. 

San will be working on the project with a team of MUSC nurses, physicians and infection preventionists along with advisors from Clemson University. The program will include the expertise and perspectives of Human Factor Engineers and colleagues in the Department of Psychology to analyze behavioral issues related to staff compliance and explore how technology could support improved OR traffic control management. The team will follow a structured methodology including an observational study, surveys, work environment and work flow analysis in the assessment phase followed by solution design and implementation phases. 

Dr. Cassandra Salgado, MUSC Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Infectious Disease Program Director, commented, “Our desired outcomes are a significant reduction in door openings during procedures, particularly during critical times. Ultimately we would like to see a decrease in SSI which is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, as well as a source of substantial increased cost of care for the individual patient and healthcare system.” 

The HAI prevention grant was funded through the AORN Foundation and supported by a grant from the 3M Infection Prevention Division’s OneTogether Movement. OneTogether: The Power of Small Actions, a multi-year program with the goal of driving individual small actions to collectively generate a significant impact on the incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The OneTogether program is designed to amplify individual actions, support collaborative opportunities and engage a network of professionals working toward the same goal. Visit www.joinonetogether.org to learn more. 



2013-2014 academic scholars named

The AORN Foundation is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2013-2014 academic year. 

See listing of scholarship recipients. 

The Foundation awarded $130,000 to 49 students across the country. Funding was designated to students enrolled in nursing programs and registered nurses pursuing advanced degrees, like Jodi Walker-O’Beirne who returned to school after 22 years of working as an associate degree nurse to obtain her BSN.  

“I do not qualify for financial aid, since I have children enrolled in college. Going back to school has been a real financial strain. This scholarship will help me and my family so much,” said Walker-O’Beirne.  “My goal has been to complete the three classes I need to finish my BSN, but now that I am so close I am considering continuing on for my MSN.” 

The AORN Foundation academic scholarships are awarded on an annual basis based on criteria established by the AORN Scholarship Committee. Chair of the Scholarship Committee Kay Ball, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAAN, who served on the founding task force of the AORN Foundation and scholarship committee, has seen an increase in the number of nurses going back to school to pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in nursing. Ball believes this trend will help enhance the profession of perioperative nursing. 

“Nursing education is such a dynamic process – one is never done. It is always exciting to increase your knowledge so you can provide the best perioperative care possible,” said Ball. 

Funding for the AORN Foundation’s scholarships would not have been possible without the support of individual and corporate donors. Learn more about named and endowed scholarship opportunities and other ways to support nursing education through the AORN Foundation.  


Donors endow academic scholarships: establish perioperative legacy

Individuals and groups wanting to leave a permanent legacy have found endowed gifts to be an impactful option. The Texas Council of Operating Room Nurses (TCORN) and Millie and Wyman Stackhouse recently endowed academic scholarships through the AORN Foundation for nursing students and registered nurses pursuing advanced degrees in perioperative nursing. 

Endowed scholarships are a gift of a lifetime. A portion of the invested income is awarded to scholarship recipients annually, and the remainder is reinvested in the original principal.   

 TCORN endowment 

At the 2012 AORN Congress, the Texas Council of Operating Room Nurses (TCORN) endowed an academic scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually to student nurses or registered nurses pursing advanced degrees in the state of Texas. 


 Stackhouse endowment 
Millie and Wyman Stackhouse endowed a scholarship through their estate. Learn more about planned giving. 


The AORN Foundation thankfully acknowledges the following endowed scholarship donors: 

  • 3M Health Care Endowment
  • AORN e-Chapter Endowment
  • AORN Golden Gavel Endowment
  • Brenda C. Ulmer Endowment endowed by Valleylab
  • Buffalo Filter Endowment
  • Competency & Credentialing Institute Endowment
  • Covidien Endowment
  • Dennis R. Scanlan, Jr. Memorial Endowment
  • Dr. Jane C. Rothrock RNFA Endowment
  • Judith Pfister/Julia Kneedler Endowment
  • Kimberly-Clark Healthcare Endowment
  • Louisiana State Council of OR Chapters Endowment
  • Michael D.Corley Memorial Endowment endowed by the Exhibitors' Advisory Committee
  • Natalie Walker Endowment
  • Owens and Minor Endowment by AORN of Richmond
  • Patricia C. Seifert Perioperative Nursing Internship Endowment
  • President George H.W. Bush Endowment endowed by AORN of Greater Houston
  • Ruth P. Shumaker Endowment
  • Stackhouse Endowment
  • Texas Council of Operating Room Nurses Endowment
  • William A. Clarke Endowment  

Learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship.




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