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AORN is here to guide and support you throughout your nursing journey.

Explore Your Options in and Around the OR

Choosing perioperative practice as your specialty is just the beginning. Discover the paths you can take with AORN resources to achieve excellence in surgical patient care, confidence in practice, and advancement of your professional goals:

  • Education to hone your clinical skills and competencies as a new perioperative nurse
  • Preparation for certifications that demonstrate your operating room expertise
  • Initiation into subspecialties, advanced clinical practice, or management
  • Instruction in perioperative-specific business to lead departments and more

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AORN Membership Eases Your Professional Journey

Being a part of your professional association connects you to a community of like-minded perioperative colleagues to support, encourage, and motivate you. Members also have a full library of complimentary resources and tools to lean on at any time.

Professional Development & OR Jobs

Check out the AORN Career Center for tools you can use to progress to your next role and guidance to gain and build professional skills. You’ll find:

  • Career coaching, articles, resume advice, and a wealth of professional resources
  • Job opportunities – whether you are searching for a new role around the operating room or looking for the perfect candidate
  • AORN's exclusive Salary Calculator to see how you compare with other OR and perioperative nurses

Career Center

Employers: Find Dedicated Candidates

Is recruiting and retaining top perioperative talent a major pain point for your healthcare facility? The AORN Career Center streamlines the process, so you are hiring the best nurses and positioning them for long-term success.

 For assistance with using the job board, contact 860-437-5700 or email customer service at [email protected].

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