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Use of Site Material AORN encourages use of material from aorn.org to help disseminate information about perioperative nursing. You may print out and reproduce information displayed on this site under the following conditions.

Pages displayed on the web site may be printed out and reproduced (as they appear on the site) without modification or removal of AORN's copyright notice, for use in clinical or educational settings, after you notify AORN of your name, purpose for use, number of copies to be made, and the institution or setting in which they will be used.

AORN will normally grant permission for you to use reformatted information from aorn.org in printed materials, but must first protect its intellectual property and the integrity of AORN materials. AORN requires a signed request for permission to use AORN materials. To obtain a request form, please send full contact information and a description of your projected use of AORN materials to permissions@aorn.org. AORN will send a form to you by email, fax, or post for you to sign and return. 

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