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Expert Perioperative Nurse

10+ Years Perioperative Experience  


Scope of Practice

Role Description 


  • Creates creative education sessions using adult learning methods, integrates team building and caring actions into all learning models for all skill levels of staff
  • Works collaboratively with unit management, physicians and staff to define, coordinate and analyze the orientation and continuing educational needs and activities for all staff members to assure a foundation of competency for patient care and nursing practice
  • Develops and reviews relevant orientation and education programs and activities
  • Responsible for needs assessment, analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of orientation, education and staff development activities for clinical staff across all shifts


Advance Practice Nurse (APN) (ie, nurse practitioner [NP], clinical nurse specialist [CNS], certified registered nurse anesthetist [CRNA], or certified nurse-midwife [CNM])

  • Directs patient care
  • Provides consultation for nursing staff by implementing improvements in health car delivery systems
  • Teaches patients and families self-care
  • Performs assessments plans, implements, evaluates and documents care
  • Advocates for the patient and family with other members of the healthcare team
  • Integrates nursing practice with medical diagnosis



  • Responsible for managing staff; such as Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses, Surgical Technologists and other allied healthcare provider
  • Schedules staff
  • Maintains department or unit's budget
  • Hiring and firing of staff
  • Mentors staff
  • Communicates organizational issues to the staff
  • Oversees daily activities within their department or unit
  • Collaborates with other departments and physicians on departmental issues.



  • Accountable for the delivery of safe, effective, patient centered care through the continuum of perioperative care
  • Supervises Day Surgery (pre-op/special procedures/OP care), PACU and OR suites
  • Responsible for the operation of the department and for the measurement, assessment and continuous improvement of the department's performance


Work Setting 

  • Surgical clinics
  • Labor and delivery
  • Hospital
  • Operating room
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Physician's offices
  • Military
  • Infection control
  • Pre or postoperative setting
  • Procedural locations (radiology, GI lab, cardiac cath lab)
  • Sterile Processing
  • Perioperative services (director)


Required Education and Preparation 



  • Graduate of accredited school of nursing
  • Current licensure in state
  • BLS
  • CNOR 



  • 3 years clinical experience
  • 2 years teaching/precepting/project management experience
  • Academic Preparation
  • Experience with Microsoft Office



  • 3-5 years clinical experience
  •  MSN from accredited school of nursing, concentrated in a recognized area of advanced clinical nursing practice (ie, NP, CNS, CRNA, CNM) 



  • 3 years clinical experience
  • 1 year charge experience
  • BSN
  • Experience with Microsoft Office



  • 6 years clinical experience
  • 2 yrs progressive experience in healthcare administration with increasing level of administrative responsibility
  • Masters in nursing or health care administration
  • BSN if Masters is not in nursing
    • AORN Member Online University Programs
    • Other Programs  
  • Experience in staffing/budget/finance
  • Experience with Microsoft Office


Preferred Education / Preparation 



  • Member of AORN 
  • BLS instructor
  • ACLS instructor
  • ACLS certification within 6 months of hire


Clinical Nurse Specialist 


  • Member of AORN 
  • Masters in nursing or related field
  • Experience in staffing, budget and resource management




Professional Development

Career Preparation 





Standards & Recommended Practices


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