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Radiologic Exposure

Are there standard regulations regarding radiation dose monitoring (i.e. wearing radiation badges or dosimeters)?


Although federal regulations state that radiation dose monitoring be implemented if the occupational dose is likely to exceed 10% of the 5 rems per year (regardless of the practice setting), state or local regulations may be more strict, and these more stringent requirements must be followed. AORN recommends that personnel who are in frequent proximity to radiation should wear radiation monitors or dosimeters as determined by the radiation safety officer. Assessing the need for monitoring should be based on the exposure conditions at a particular facility, and not determined from exposure conditions that appear to be similar to another facility.


  • Recommended practices for reducing radiological exposure in the perioperative practice setting. In: Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. Denver, CO: AORN, Inc; 2013:295-304.

Updated January 28, 2013 

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