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Join the vibrant community of perioperative nurses in our vlog and podcast series, Periop Talk.

Welcome to the Periop Talk—your go-to vlog and podcast series where we examine the world of perioperative nursing.

Episode after episode, we're bringing you professional tips, clinical wisdom, and personal stories that'll make you feel like you're chatting with your work BFFs. Curious about the latest surgical techniques? We got you. Wondering how to navigate the challenges of the periop journey? We're here for that too.

Our vlog and podcast series isn't just about sharing information; it's about building a community. Meet the people behind the masks, hear their journeys, and join the rotation of periop professionals making a difference. From students and new nurses to seasoned pros, we've got content for every stage of your perioperative practice.

Periop Talk is your peek behind the red line to the world of perioperative nursing. It's not just about the OR—it's about the heart and soul of healthcare. Let's scrub in and share the periop love!

Burn Out’s Impact on Periop Nursing

Burn out is a serious issue linked to high vacancy rates and short nurse lifespans in the OR. Unpredictable schedules, heavy workloads, and inadequate training are often to blame. In this episode of Periop Talk AORN proposes solutions like flexible schedules, creative staffing, and strong mentorship programs to retain nurses and reduce burnout.

Periop Talk vlog

Periop Talk vlog

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