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For professionals in ambulatory surgery, AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2024 offers two distinct pathways. Read more about those pathways in this article.

Read recommendations for a VTE protocol and risk assessment for VTE and bleeding. Discusses pharmacologic and mechanical VTE prophylaxis. Covers the importance of getting patients moving post-op, as well as patient and family education.

Reduce Surgical Site Infections: See why universal nasal decolonization should serve as a staple of every facility’s infection prevention bundle.

ASC Compliance: Avoid common errors that derail ASC compliance efforts.

Keep PONV Under Control: PONV is a common complication that can lead to longer patient stays, increased patient financial burden, and a poor patient experience.

Emergency preparedness can be a struggle for ASCs and small facilities. Learn about the top five steps you need to dial-in safety drills for maximum preparedness.

Learn how to provide outstanding onboarding that minimizes risks to patients, staff members, and the overall facility.

With no direct access to additional resources for help and support in an emergency, safety drills are an essential practice to prepare ASC staff and meet regulatory requirements. Enhance your mock disaster drills with these expert tips.

Regulatory Affairs: CMS Proposal a ‘Horrible Three-Legged Stool’. ASC officials ‘mystified’ by 2024 plan for Medicare patients.

Read about best practices to avoid healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that cause life-threatening consequences for patients.

ASC Education: Effective Credentialing & Peer Review Processes. Designed for the busy ambulatory surgery center (ASC) administrator.

Read important reminders to consider, including length of the surgery, patient comorbidities, patient’s weight, and common pressure points.

Standardizing your skin prep solutions, protocols and tools, and auditing your staff's performance through the entire perioperative process decreases the microbial load on patient skin and reduces surgery-related infection.

Insider tips to help your facility perform some of today's most popular and profitable procedures in a booming service line.

From pressure injuries to smoke evacuation to wrong-site surgery, take our quiz to see how your facility measures up in a variety of safety areas.

With the right mindset, strategies and support, new ASC leaders can overcome any challenges that come their way. Read valuable insight and strategies from a nurse leader who’s been there.

Take a closer look at this crucial patient safety and potential liability issue through an outpatient lens. Discover successful strategies in medication storage and security for ASCs.

Navigating the credentialing maze can have its challenges, but neglecting this task can lead to severe consequences, including harm to patients. But don't worry, improving your credentialing program doesn't have to be overwhelming.

ASCs: Learn how a strong governance program helps ASCs thrive in this fast-growing, complex environment.

ASCs: From gloving to hand hygiene compliance, here’s how to ensure consistency among your OR team. Learn how standardization staves off infections.

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