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Nurses are familiar with Florence Nightingale, but how many are familiar with the Black nurses who helped cure tuberculosis in New York City in the 1930s?

The type and size of suture used for a procedure are based on numerous factors, such as wound location and size, desired strength, and type of repair.

Self-care is an essential, but often neglected, element of the transition to perioperative practice.

It is important for preceptors to develop strong communication skills that facilitate novice nurse development.

Mary Seacole is truly a role model for patient advocacy whom we can channel in our times of need.

One nurse describes how she identified bioburden on an instrument and spoke up for patient safety.

Showing your orientees how to find the answer and troubleshoot, assert themselves, and interact effectively with a team is 90% of the battle of being successful in the OR.

A nurse seeks advice about a preceptor who seems to contradict himself.

Nurses should feel empowered, use their voice, and always establish a safe zone with their team.

A message of support and advice for novice perioperative nurses.

The ability to speak up for yourself is critical to your longevity in OR, and nurses who can advocate for themselves are practicing the ultimate self-care.

Learn about the three steps to incorporate into practice to ensure a safe working environment for patients and colleagues.

Learn about the many surgical firsts that occurred during the 19th century.

The preceptor may perform many roles to support other nurses, but there are four primary roles that create successful preceptor relationships.

One nurse shares a time she found her confidence and her voice, in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.

The purpose of the preference card is to act as a guide for the surgical case.

The ESU, the most widely used and cherished piece of surgical equipment, is far more complex than many of us realize.

Can you find all the clamp types?

Mobile apps may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are preparing for a case, but they have many benefits.

Learn about the essential steps to take and supplies needed to manage an airway emergency.

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