Kristy Simmons, MSN, RN, CNOR

Outstanding Achievement in Mentorship-Perioperative

Kristy Simmons is a lifetime member of AORN with over 40 years of experience as a perioperative nurse. Kristy loves to share stories and describes herself as a storytelling hybrid nurse who serves as pediatric team leader, charge nurse, and as staff nurse in main, same day and interventional radiology. Kristy has presented at numerous AORN chapter meetings on “Is Your Chapter Frozen – How to Unfreeze it and Let it Go!” mentoring other chapters to refuel, recruit, and engage their members. Kristy serves as an AORN Ambassador in her local and state chapters along within her hospital setting to encourage membership in AORN. Kristy has also created an ambulatory outreach program to reach out to nurses employed in the Ambulatory surgery setting to encourage them to join AORN and get involved in their local chapters. One of Kristy’s favorite stories to tell is of meeting one of her past students, a first-generation college student and a student from the future nurse club she sponsored in her community after his graduation from college. There are no words to describe the pride in his voice as he gave her a big hug exclaiming “Guess what I did - I am a nurse!”