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Reach Your Full Potential as a Leader

OR Excellence speakers Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Boston-Leary enlighten us on the essential skills surgical leaders need now to help reexamine your pandemic...

Healthcare in a Post-COVID Era

OR Excellence opening keynote speaker Dr. Marty Makary explains what surgical professionals should take away from the pandemic.

The Secret of Gritflowness

OR Excellence keynote speaker John Boockvar, MD, shares how to incorporate “Gritflowness” into your OR and everyday life.

The Keys to Success in Total Joints

Find out the keys to successful total joint procedures from Virtual OR Excellence speaker Adolph V. Lombardi Jr., MD, FACS.

4 Reforms to Protect Nurses’ Mental Health

Learn how healthcare leaders can better protect the mental health of OR nurses.

4 Practices to Optimize Your Energy

Health & Wellbeing Coach Natalie Johnson shares easy ways to recover from COVID response fatigue and be your best.

5 Multidisciplinary Team Sterilization Practices

Sterilization expert Susan Klacik, BS, CRCST, ACE, FCS, AAMIf, provides important sterile processing updates that OR and sterile processing profession...

How to Heal From the COVID-19 Life-Quake

Mental health should be your top self-care goal coming out of the pandemic.

3 OR Leadership Connections to Get Ahead

Find out how to expand your leadership skills beyond your practice setting to advance your career.

3 Actions to Keep Stress from Hijacking Your Brain

Stress experts Spencer Byrum and Amy Bair, PhD, PMP, BCB talk about how stress increases our cortisol levels and makes us feel chronically fatigued.

New Future of Nursing Report Addresses Health Inequities

Dr. David Williams discusses the New Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Report that highlights health inequities.

Prepare for Malignant Hyperthermia Outside the OR

Find out how to prepare your team for potential malignant hyperthermia cases that occur outside the OR.

Boost Your Energy to Improve Patient Care

Discover these three self-care imperatives to boost your energy and improve patient care from Dr. Jo Lichten.

3 Ways Leaders Can Build Team Trust

Pamela S. Hunt, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN shares how to build up your “trust bank” in The Periop Life’s latest post.

3 Ways OR Nurses Can Impact Healthcare Costs

Perioperative nurses have an opportunity to play a multi-faceted role in helping to fix what’s broken in healthcare, through advocacy and education at...

7 Fun Ways to Experience Orlando

Make plans to incorporate some Florida fun while when you attend the Global Surgical Conference & Expo. Reenergize your soul, regroup with your collea...

How to Overcome Barriers Incorporating Adjunct Technology

Dr. Valerie Marsh shares her expertise on adjunct technology and focuses on common barriers regarding the technology as well as tips for overcoming th...

Health Inequities: How to Make an Impact in Your Practice

The events of the past year have put inequities in healthcare under the microscope.

3 Diversity Recruitment Strategies That Make a Difference

Follow three key recruitment and retention strategies that not only help bridge the diversity gap among staff, but also help keep those new hires and ...

How to Align Your Priorities to Lead an Authentic Life

Corey Ciocchetti, Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver, talks about how to spend your time, energy, an...

How to Become a Candidate for AORN National Office

Consider becoming a candidate for national office where you’ll serve the entire perioperative nursing community as you shape and recommend new policie...

How Periop Nurses and AORN Have Taken On COVID-19

David Wyatt, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR, had the unique experience of leading AORN’s national board in a most unusual year for the association.

How to Create a Culture of Success in Your OR

Discover how to rally your OR team and create a culture of success.

3 Tips to Infuse Innovation into the OR

Learn how nurses have a unique power to innovate for better patient outcomes.

Reflections: AORN History of Diversity

Board members Nakeisha Archer and Darlene Murdock recently took a deep dive into AORN’s past to understand our Association’s history of mu...

5 Ways to Prepare for Your CNOR Certification Exam

Ellice Mellinger, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, works daily with nurses aspiring to receive their OR certification and share's her top five tips to help you bett...

2021 Guidelines: 6 Top Practice Updates

The 2021 edition of Guidelines for Perioperative Practice is now available and includes the latest evidence-based recommendations, technologi...


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