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This course provides an overview of the anatomical and physiological differences between children and adults and reviews the developmental stages that establish the basis for safe care. Learners will be able to use knowledge from this course to formulate an age-appropriate plan of care throughout the perioperative process.

The learner will have the knowledge to confidently implement the recommended practices from the AORN Guideline for Sterile Technique to maintain sterility and prevent contamination of the sterile field and sterile items during operative and other invasive procedures.

The learner will have the knowledge to confidently implement the evidence-based practices and recommendation from the AORN Guideline for Sterilization on types of sterilization modalities used today; loading the sterilizer; load configuration; transport of sterile items; quality control measures; and installation, care, and maintenance of sterilization equipment.

Identify and minimize the potential environmental hazards to patients and healthcare workers.

Understand essential information on initial, intraoperative, and final counts of all items used in the surgical setting.

Understand proper patient positioning in order to provide optimal care in the surgical setting.

Understand how skin preparation of the surgical site helps reduce the potential for surgical site infections.

Increase understanding of the evidence-based practices needed for performing safe and effective high-level disinfection.

Identify the essentials of cleaning the perioperative areas to provide a safe environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

This course is designed to provide the perioperative nurse with the knowledge, workflows, and clinical skills necessary to transition to a sterile field or scrub role.

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