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Whether you’re making a business case for a capital purchase, advocating for a policy change, or managing everyday conversations, see what it takes to be an effective leader with strong negotiation skills.

As staffing challenges persist, obtain fresh ideas on how to optimize staffing models in your robotics service line. Through careful examination of the surgical schedule and a strategy of deploying resources based on highest need, you'll see how to maximize team members at their highest scope of practice. Sponsored by Intuitive.

Glean insights from a live panel of three perioperative leaders as they share lessons learned and unexpected wins during their journey to safely staff their department and maximize retention.

Fine-tune your knowledge of return-on-investment calculations and timelines. Learn how to assess revenue and expenses for an initiative, estimate a timeline based on variables, and ensure you can articulate how your project translates into enhanced patient safety.

Refine your understanding of measurements for financial success and how you impact them in your leadership role. You’ll take an in-depth look at how to interpret revenue and expense variances in staff and operational budgets and identify what is needed to create a strong justification for capital purchases.

Learn step-by-step how to develop and defend a staffing plan to provide quality patient care. Hone your skills in calculating FTE needs, understanding staffing mix and benefit time, and interpreting productivity metrics to inform actions you can take to meet goals.

Rub elbows with some of the brightest minds in our industry and immerse yourself in the business/management side of perioperative nursing.

Understand how the business of healthcare is connected to the delivery of quality, cost-effective patient care. You’ll see how the role and work of the perioperative leader directly impacts and touches patients every day.

Learn how to differentiate between capital and operational budgets, what information is required to create both, and how skill mix in the perioperative setting impacts budgets. Plus, learn which questions to ask to obtain approval for equipment and supply purchases that directly impact your team.

Learn how to articulate the components of a staffing plan and why productivity is so important to the financial success of your facility. You’ll learn why staffing is the biggest expense for an organization and the role of perioperative leaders in managing it.

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