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The learner will have the knowledge to confidently implement the recommended practices from the AORN Guideline for Sterile Technique to maintain sterility and prevent contamination of the sterile field and sterile items during operative and other invasive procedures.

Understand essential information on initial, intraoperative, and final counts of all items used in the surgical setting.

Understand proper patient positioning in order to provide optimal care in the surgical setting.

Understand how skin preparation of the surgical site helps reduce the potential for surgical site infections.

Understand safe and accurate administration and documentation of intraoperative medications and solutions.

Learn how to prepare for, recognize, and treat various obstetric emergencies that may arise during pregnancy.

Learn how to address the complex requirements in caring for the obstetric patient in the perioperative phases of care.

Learn how to safely position patients for an invasive or noninvasive procedure.

Learn about various methods of hemostasis, the use of sponges and drains, and ways to prevent retained surgical items (RSIs).

Identify the concepts of sterile technique and their application to clinical perioperative practice.

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