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This document provides guidance on the principles and processes of sterile technique. Sterile technique involves the use of specific actions to reduce the level of environmental contamination in the room, and to maintain sterility by preventing contamination of the sterile field and sterile items during operative and other invasive procedures. Thoughtful and diligent implementation of sterile technique is a cornerstone of perioperative nursing practice and a key strategy in the prevention of surgical site infections (SSIs).

This online facility subscription provides access to the most current AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice and comes with a complete set of implementation tools and resources to empower your team to apply standardized techniques facility-wide.

This course provides an overview of the anatomical and physiological differences between children and adults and reviews the developmental stages that establish the basis for safe care. Learners will be able to use knowledge from this course to formulate an age-appropriate plan of care throughout the perioperative process.

Sponsored by AORN

Join AORN for a first-of-its-kind Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit live.

Whether you’re making a business case for a capital purchase, advocating for a policy change, or managing everyday conversations, see what it takes to be an effective leader with strong negotiation skills.

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This course teaches how to become an advocate for surgical smoke evacuation in your facility by gaining knowledge, getting involved, and becoming a smoke safety champion. There will be a review of the steps for getting prepared for legislation and implementing smoke evacuation in your facility.

As staffing challenges persist, obtain fresh ideas on how to optimize staffing models in your robotics service line. Through careful examination of the surgical schedule and a strategy of deploying resources based on highest need, you'll see how to maximize team members at their highest scope of practice. Sponsored by Intuitive.

Glean insights from a live panel of three perioperative leaders as they share lessons learned and unexpected wins during their journey to safely staff their department and maximize retention.

This webinar will review the updates to the Team Communications Guideline and implementation processes of the surgical safety checklist and other communication tools with team training and quality improvement processes to influence cultural changes that result in meaningful improvements to the patient safety culture.

Fine-tune your knowledge of return-on-investment calculations and timelines. Learn how to assess revenue and expenses for an initiative, estimate a timeline based on variables, and ensure you can articulate how your project translates into enhanced patient safety.

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