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Put the rumors to rest. Robotic bariatric procedures are highly efficient when implemented with the full care team and new operational strategies.

You can’t eliminate frustrating, redundant or inefficient processes if you don’t know what they are. Learn to leverage data to make critical decisions that improve efficiency and consistency in your robotic surgery program.

Understand what data from your robotics program you need to collect to resonate with your executives, how to analyze data to address change management initiatives, and learn which reports can help your team make evidence-based decisions for your program.

Increase the ROI in your robotics program. Implement proven block-time management best practices that maximize robotic time and improve throughput and efficiency. Also learn strategies that reduce variation in robotic-assisted surgeries.

Hear panelists from across the country talk about their own experiences and best practices for how they built a positive culture within their robotics service lines. Their insights around training, using data for change management, and standardizing care that reduces burdens are ones you can use to scale throughout your own facility.

Uncover the importance of a dedicated robotics coordinator’s role in an efficient robotics team, and how to contain costs through efficiency measures. You’ll leave with Monday morning solutions that you can implement right away.

Based on AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice - Guideline for Medical Device and Product Evaluation: Guideline update 2022.

Based on AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice - Guideline for Hand Hygiene: Guideline Update 2022.

Based on AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice - Guideline for Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite 2019.

1 CH, 1 AEU, 1 IPCH

Hear from a seasoned educator and quality assurance manager about how to improve communication between the ORs and SPD, implement best practices in decontamination and sterilization, and optimize the flow of instruments in your facility.

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