Perioperative Nurses Week November 12-18, 2023

Safe Surgery Together: #PeriopProud

What some of our AORN nurses said about their passion for perioperative nursing.

“I didn’t realize how much I needed the autonomy and excitement of the OR until I was there – the responsibility of being patients’ greatest advocate during their procedure was thrilling.”

– Mary Alice Anderson, PhD, RN, CNOR, Perioperative Practice Specialist

“I like being able to focus on one patient at a time with the whole perioperative team right there - no agonizing over whether to wake up a physician to report a change in the patient's status.”

– Renae Wright, DNP, RN, CNOR, Perioperative Practice Specialist

“I loved being the patient’s advocate and their voice; I loved working as a member of a team to improve patient outcomes and keep them safe during surgery.”

– Lisa Spruce DNP, RN, CNS-CP, CNOR, ACNS, ACNP, FAAN, Director of Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice