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Behind Closed Doors: School of hard knocks. What if CEUs were based on real-world challenges surgical nurses face?

Cutting Remarks: 'I can't pee.' A stream of good advice if you require patients to void before discharge.

Behind Closed Doors: It's a wonderful life. Behind Closed Doors: It's a Wonderful Life

Cutting Remarks: Lessons from my favorite nurse. After 27 years of marriage, Dr. Kelly's wife is still his greatest teacher.

Cutting Remarks: It's a mad dash when I overbook. I'll do anything to avoid the 5 o'clock witching hour.

Behind Closed Doors: Thanks for everything. Changes large and small have improved OR nursing.

Cutting Remarks: Off and running at our new ASC. Looks like I need to pick up the pace at our new surgicenter.

Behind Closed Doors: "You had to be there ..." Why surgery's weird humor is a good thing.

Cutting Remarks: Escaping the insurance labyrinth. Some days it feels as if there's no way out.

Behind Closed Doors: Orchids & onions. The highlights and lowlights of life in the OR.

Behind Closed Doors: Weathering the surgical forecast. Going to OR 1? Bring an umbrella.

Cutting Remarks: Going under the strife at our new ASC. Our new center is giving us a major migraine -- and it's yet to open.

Behind Closed Doors: Sis boom bah. Every surgical team needs cheerleaders.

Cutting Remarks: Cut costs, not corners. Shaving expenses in the OR can be a hard pill to swallow.

Behind Closed Doors: What's in Paula's pockets? Why hoarders make efficient nurses.

Cutting Remarks: Recovery room blues. Things don't always go as planned in PACU.

Cutting Remarks: Tales from the crypt. Patients do and say the darndest things.

Behind Closed Doors: If anything can go wrong ... Do they teach Murphy's Law in med school?

Behind Closed Doors: Things that make you go hmmm. I don't stay in one OR for long, but I don't miss much while I'm there.

Cutting Remarks: Open season for vendors in our ORs. Scenes from the sales frenzy that was our video camera evaluation.

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