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Behind closed doors: Creatures of habit. The rituals and routines of an OR nurse.

Behind closed doors: 4 Signs it's going to be a great day. Sometimes you just know that the road will rise to meet you.

Behind Closed Doors: You Might Work in the OR If ... - Outpatient Surg

Behind closed doors: Know any good surgeons? Only a surgical nurse knows who the real 5-star docs are.

Behind closed doors: Surgical superheroes. Imagine what we could do if we had extraordinary powers.

Behind closed doors: Slight exaggerations. Surgical sayings that stretch the truth just a bit.

Behind closed doors: Who are we to judge our patients? You'll never know the depth of their scars, so try a little tenderness.

Behind closed doors: Does this stuff ever happen to you? Or am I the only lucky one to experience these OR oddities?

Behind closed doors: The case of the missing probe. Nurses pocket things for safe keeping, not to steal and sell.

Cutting remarks: Forgiveness: Don't leave home without it. Carrying around old hurts robs us of happiness, joy and energy.

Cutting remarks: Living your bliss. Reclaim your passion and do what makes your heart sing.

Behind Closed Doors: The not-so-golden olden days. A look back at a simpler — but not necessarily better — time in the OR.

Behind closed doors: Are we conditioned like Pavlov's dogs? How surgical nurses reflexively respond to the sounds of surgery.

Cutting remarks: The OHIO Rule in the OR. Imagine surgical flow with fewer instrument exchanges.

Cutting remarks: The instrument approval gauntlet. Jumping through hoops to get that purchase order.

Behind closed doors: Saving the shrew. Don't be a Grinch this holiday season.

Cutting Remarks: The spirit of giving is alive and well. My staff and sales reps rally for my teaching mission to Nicaragua.

Behind closed doors: The OR set to Radio Disney. Tunes to help you whistle while you work.

Behind closed doors: The long and lonely road to recovery. When our job's done, the patient's work is just beginning.

Cutting remarks: Wanna get away? Vacations do wonders for your soul. Why don't we take more of them?

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