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Cutting Remarks: Before you complain, count your blessings. Fresh off a service trip to Nicaragua, my ORs have never looked better.

Behind Closed Doors: The lonely life of a travel nurse. Some 13-week assignments are all guts and no glamour (or living room).

Cutting Remarks: Are we going overboard with patient safety? Sometimes you have to overrule overprotective staff members.

Cutting Remarks: Are we really discharging that patient? The little white lies we tell our patients to send them home sooner.

Behind Closed Doors: I'm Not "Just a Nurse". We're more than most people realize. Marginalize us at your own risk.

Cutting Remarks: Just play it cool like The Fonz. You gots to chill when things go wrong in the OR.

Behind Closed Doors: Surgical nursing is more than a job. It defines us, which makes the prospect of stepping down so scary.

Behind closed doors: The power of positive thinking. A little attitude adjustment can turn that frown upside down.

Cutting remarks: Why do patients blow off their surgeries? They don't have a ride home or maybe they're getting cold feet.

Cutting Remarks: The joys of ICD-10 documentation. The new coding system requires equal parts precision and patience.

Behind Closed Doors: The OR manager's holiday gift list. Any of these items would look great in our ORs.

Behind Closed Doors: My Fellow Americans. Why the next president should come from the OR.

Cutting Remarks: Bad blood. All bleeding eventually stops. I just wish it would never start.

Behind Closed Doors: Are you afraid of the OR? Cold rooms aren't the only reason to shiver.

Cutting Remarks: Lessons learned from India. A service trip to Mumbai shows we have much to be thankful for.

Cutting Remarks: Block time blues. Dedicated OR time is hard to get and harder to hold.

Behind Closed Doors: Can't we all just get along? Is on-the-job behavior bogging us down?

Cutting Remarks: Famous last words. Classic pre-induction comments from patients.

Behind Closed Doors: Paula's attitude adjustment. Accept nothing less than a good day.

Behind Closed Doors: Were you raised by an OR Nurse? You can always tell when there's a nurse in the family.

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