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Behind Closed Doors: "You had to be there ..." Why surgery's weird humor is a good thing.

Behind Closed Doors: Orchids & onions. The highlights and lowlights of life in the OR.

Cutting Remarks: Escaping the insurance labyrinth. Some days it feels as if there's no way out.

Cutting Remarks: Going under the strife at our new ASC. Our new center is giving us a major migraine -- and it's yet to open.

Behind Closed Doors: Weathering the surgical forecast. Going to OR 1? Bring an umbrella.

Cutting Remarks: Cut costs, not corners. Shaving expenses in the OR can be a hard pill to swallow.

Behind Closed Doors: Sis boom bah. Every surgical team needs cheerleaders.

Behind Closed Doors: What's in Paula's pockets? Why hoarders make efficient nurses.

Cutting Remarks: Recovery room blues. Things don't always go as planned in PACU.

Cutting Remarks: Tales from the crypt. Patients do and say the darndest things.

Behind Closed Doors: If anything can go wrong ... Do they teach Murphy's Law in med school?

Behind Closed Doors: Things that make you go hmmm. I don't stay in one OR for long, but I don't miss much while I'm there.

Cutting Remarks: Open season for vendors in our ORs. Scenes from the sales frenzy that was our video camera evaluation.

Behind Closed Doors: Traveler in a tundra state. And you thought your ORs were cold?

Cutting Remarks: Don't you just hate confusing post-op orders? The clearer that I can make my discharge instructions, the better.

It's funny how nursing's routines infiltrate our lives. Return of "You Might Be an OR Nurse If ..."

Apprise patients of the reasonable risks of a procedure without scaring them to death. (Mis) informed consent form.

California Nights - travel nursing is an opportunity to learn.

Hey, who let all these people in my room? With so many visitors allowed in, the OR can get awfully crowded.

A surgical songbook for the holiday season. See Paula Watkins's Christmas carols for OR Nurses.

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