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Behind Closed Doors: Paula's attitude adjustment. Accept nothing less than a good day.

Behind Closed Doors: Were you raised by an OR Nurse? You can always tell when there's a nurse in the family.

Cutting Remarks: I cannot tell a lie. Sometimes it hurts to tell patients the truth.

Behind Closed Doors: The Hit List. Shuffle through a day of surgery with these tunes.

Cutting Remarks: Surgeons in Training. Teaching orthopedic residents is one of life's greatest challenges.

Behind Closed Doors: How to build a bad day. You don't have to try hard to have a rough shift.

Cutting Remarks: Here's what happened in Vegas. 40,000 orthopedic surgeons descended on Sin City.

Cutting Remarks: Tall tales from the OR. If you stick around surgery long enough, you'll see it all.

Behind Closed Doors: The irritating things our colleagues do. 8 ways our co-workers drive us up a wall.

Cutting Remarks: Beat-the-clock surgery. The never-ending pressure to perform is wearing thin.

Behind Closed Doors: New eyes in the OR. What you learn when you're teaching.

Behind Closed Doors: Where no nurse has gone before. Is the OR of the future a dream or a nightmare?

Cutting Remarks: Patients say the darndest things. Knee cartridge, torn labrium, rotary cup and other mad malaprops.

Behind Closed Doors: School of hard knocks. What if CEUs were based on real-world challenges surgical nurses face?

Cutting Remarks: 'I can't pee.' A stream of good advice if you require patients to void before discharge.

Cutting Remarks: Lessons from my favorite nurse. After 27 years of marriage, Dr. Kelly's wife is still his greatest teacher.

Behind Closed Doors: It's a wonderful life. Behind Closed Doors: It's a Wonderful Life

Behind Closed Doors: Thanks for everything. Changes large and small have improved OR nursing.

Cutting Remarks: It's a mad dash when I overbook. I'll do anything to avoid the 5 o'clock witching hour.

Cutting Remarks: Off and running at our new ASC. Looks like I need to pick up the pace at our new surgicenter.

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