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Former head of sales testifies NECC president knew his company was to blame for tainted steroids outbreak. Ron Ronzio told jurors that as soon as they got word that a patient was ill after being injected with an NECC steroid, president Barry Cadden "knew

The program is set for OR Excellence 2017. Make plans now to join top surgical leaders in Las Vegas for 3 days of learning, networking and fun.

A strong culture of safety begins with leadership. The Joint Commission outlines what healthcare leaders must do to promote and support safe practices.

What's behind the spike in Opioids disappearing from VA hospitals? The drug losses have been attributed to clinical staff stealing medications, either for their own use or for sale on the street.

Despite neuropathy, jury finds total hip patient cared for properly. Expert testimony convinced jurors that a nerve injury sustained during a hip arthroplasty was a "known and unavoidable complication," not the product of a surgical negligence.

Bill would lift moratorium on construction and expansion of physician-owned hospitals. Texas Congressman continues to fight for repeal.

Oregon bill would Let ASCs offer extended care. Legislation would let patients at select surgery centers recuperate at the facilities for up to 48 hours after admission.

10% of alcohol-based preps allowed to dry for 3 minutes caught fire. Researchers say surgeons can decrease OR fire risk by using non-alcohol based skin preps or avoiding pooling of the prep solution.

Emails show Barry Cadden tried to cover his tracks after his lab shipped contaminated steroids. "No more fudging. No more BS. We must clean up all of our processes," NECC President Barry Cadden wrote in one email.

Faulty sensor leads to recall of Alaris Syringe Pump. Sensor-related false alarms could interrupt the supply of vital fluids to patients.

Humble Surgical Hospital is excoriated by judge for bilking Aetna out of millions. Texas facility paid physicians referral fees and submitted inflated claims, says court.

New details in how female impostor gained access to 5 ORs. A woman posing as a doctor in training uses "tailgating" to infiltrate the OR and other restricted areas of prestigious hospital.

Jury exonerates "double-booking" surgeon in high-profile case. In concurrent surgery, specialists move from OR to OR, performing the most challenging and intricate components of surgery.

Judge blocks further testimony by victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak. "The emotional impact on the jurors has been visible to the court," judge writes in his ruling.

Malpractice threats don't improve surgical outcomes. Study finds surgeons who operate in litigious communities aren't more likely to perform safer surgeries.

Sprays and wipes could degrade plastics over time. The repeated use of "incompatible" cleaning products could be harming medical devices.

Hospital on the hook for $7 million after surgeon falls off rolling stool. It allegedly "shot out from underneath him," causing brain injury that ended his career.

New England Compounding Center produced drugs that were superpotent and subpotent. Quality control manager testifies at deadly meningitis trial that some compounded drugs were too strong, others too weak.

As business boomed at compounding pharmacy, disinfection practices slid. At meningitis trial, pharmacy tech testifies that hoods in clean room where tainted steroids were made weren't disinfected for a month.

Pain management Doc takes stand in meningitis murder trial. Fungal meningitis victims "kept coming," says medical director of pain clinic where 13 patients died and 115 were sickened.

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