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Surgeon Fired for Prescribing ‘Off-Label’ COVID-19 Treatments - Outpatient Surgery Magazine

New Book Honors Black Surgeons; The publication provides a historical perspective on today’s healthcare inequalities. - Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Supreme Court Upholds Vaccine Requirement for Healthcare Workers; The ruling requires facilities to have a fully vaccinated staff by the end of next month.

AORN Addresses Critical Shortage of OR Nurses; Partnership with Chamberlain University prepares students for a career in surgery.

Minerva Romero Arenas, MD, MPH, FACS; The cofounder of the Latino Surgical Society discusses the ongoing challenges in developing surgeons from communities that remain underrepresented in medicine, and how providers of all kinds can work together to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of surgery.

AORN is marking the occasion by honoring surgery’s hardworking heroes.

Statistically striking finding emerges from the largest collaborative surgical study ever performed.

Daniel K. Guy, MD, FAAOS, discusses the continuing migration of procedures to outpatient settings, challenges facing the specialty, exciting “reality” devices, the opioid crisis and why diverse patients need to see themselves in their orthopods.

More than 80% of patients responded to messages sent by a Dallas ASC.

APIC Survey Reveals Depth of PPE Crisis; Facilities are operating under crisis standards of care as the pandemic rages on.

COVID-19 Call to Action; Healthcare organizations seek federal support during the ongoing pandemic response.

Virtual OR Excellence Still Going Strong; Check out the conference's must-see talks and hours of on-demand content.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic; Facilities are adjusting to new challenges to deliver safe patient care.

Handle Workplace Legal Issues Like a Pro; Surgical leaders must learn how to appropriately address staffing concerns.

The Secret to Safer Surgery; Capturing real-time data during procedures leads to enhanced patient care

Remember Why You Work in Surgery; The beauty of compassionate patient care can reenergize your career.

Virtual OR Excellence Opens on a High Note; Keynote speaker Kay Frances tells attendees how to handle stress with positivity.

Hospitals Increasing Investments in ASCs; The trend is driven by growing interest in delivering cost-effective surgical care.

ASCs Provided Safe Surgical Care as Pandemic Spread; New survey shows patients were not at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

Hospital CEO Resigns After Making Incision During Surgery; The surgeon who allowed the invited guest to make the cut has been fired.

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