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Coffee enhances accuracy of image-guided ENT surgery. Vacuum-sealed grounds in a tight-fitting headpiece keep optical sensors solidly in place.

Unflattering press for Bronx-Lebanon Hospital's Head of Orthopedic Surgery. The report detailed surgeon Ira Kirschenbaum's record of alleged poor outcomes for his patients, including multiple patient deaths and a string of malpractice suits pending agains

Novel stress test determines when surgeons are ready to cut loose. At the Missouri University School of Medicine, they're measuring how much residents sweat during surgery.

Orthopod accused of supplying painkillers to his mistress. Kenneth Cherry, MD, allegedly wrote 63 prescriptions for opioids over 18 months.

Ophthalmologist sues over "unconstitutional" certificate-of-need process. Lawsuit: Iowa's "burdensome" 40-year-old CON process — and intervention from nearby hospitals — has prevented eye surgeon from using his fully equipped surgery center.

Jury awards $870K to man after surgeon amputates wrong testicle.

All 16 reprocessed ureteroscopes researchers studied were still contaminated. Researchers stress the importance of consistently monitoring reprocessing outcomes.

For surgical sales reps, it's all about bonuses and commissions. Virtually all make six figures, but bonuses account for nearly 40%.

Mold discovery puts surgeries on hold at Sonoma West Medical Center. "We currently have no way to sterilize equipment," the interim CEO said after health officials confirmed the presence of mold in a sterilization sink.

Anesthesiologist: Overlapping surgeries led to safety issues and medicare fraud. Former employee says Massachusetts General Hospital endangered patients and inflated anesthesia charges.

Surgeons will be obsolete in a few years (And they're not the only ones). Artificial intelligence experts say our jobs are about to start disappearing fast.

Massive plastic surgery center data theft may expose celebrities. A disgruntled former employee of a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center is also accused of taking photos of unconscious patients.

Judge awards $88K to surgeon "forced out" for double-booking complaints. Neurosurgeon James Holsapple, MD, alleged he was pressured to leave his job at Upstate University Hospital because he voiced safety concerns over a spine surgeon being permitted

Morcellator Opponent Amy Reed, MD, Succumbs to Cancer. Dr. Reed and her husband, Hooman Noorchashm, MD, led a years-long campaign to expose the hazards posed by power morcellators.

Doctor and 2 nurses jailed without bail after child sex videos emerge. Police say 7 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 13 were victimized.

Inspiration of informed consent Dead at 78. Jerry Canterbury's paralysis after routine back surgery forever changed how doctors discuss the risks of care.

Male nurse charged with sexual assault at Atlanta Endo Center. Michael Morgan, RN, allegedly fondled the breasts of 2 anesthetized patients. Police say there may be more victims.

Watch: Surgeon and nurse duke it out inside Chinese hospital. A viral video shows a surgeon and his nurse-girlfriend brawling in an operating room.

Gastric bypass may put patients at risk of alcohol problems. Research shows that as many as 1 in 5 patients who undergo this popular weight-loss surgery may develop an alcohol disorder.

CDC issues first SSI-prevention update in 18 years. New recommendations address pre-op bathing, prepping, patient warming, antimicrobials and more.

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