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Lawsuit: VA Hospital Left Scalpel Inside Army Vet's Abdomen. Man, 61, sues hospital for allegedly leaving a scalpel in his abdomen following a 2013 prostatectomy.

Lawsuit: scrub nurse photographed coworker nude in OR. Nurse allegedly showed explicit photos to hospital co-workers and to patient when she returned from medical leave.

Study examines the egonomics of surgery and its adverse effects on physicians.

Nurse sues prominent ophthalmologist for assault over violent incident caught on security camera. A renowned refractive surgeon allegedly became infuriated when the ASC's charge nurse asked if he was nearly done his case because his block time was nearly

Beverly Hills anesthesiologist injected himself with drugs during surgery and later gave patient a lethal dose of Demerol. Prosecutors: Orthopedic surgeon, 71, dies at the hands of anesthesiologist who was under the influence of drugs during surgery.

Lawsuit: patient suffered emotional distress listening to surgeon talk while he operated on her. The doctor allegedly spooked the patient when he spoke about night sweats and blurred vision in Spanish as part of a language proficiency exam.

MedPAC will recommend no payment update for ASCs in 2019. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission unveiled its draft recommendation on the ASC payment system yesterday.

Why was this N.J. pain management doc barred from practice? Investigators say she displayed erratic and delusional behavior and smelled of alcohol while practicing.

Researchers say a lack of education leads patients to overestimate their post-op pain. "Patients likely overestimate pain due to a lack of understanding of the surgical procedure, fear and anxiety," say researchers.

Deadly DVT: Man dies from pulmonary embolism following leg tendon surgery. Lawsuit: Doctors and physical therapists should have recognized the man suffered a pulmonary embolism following surgery to repair a torn leg tendon.

A new kind of gender bias for female surgeons. Study says the backlash women receive following surgical errors far exceeds what male surgeons experience.

Study: <i>C. Diff</i> Transmission "Might Be More Likely to Occur" in Surgical Centers

Chicago hospital sues leapfrog for defamation over low patient safety grade.

Recall: Midazolam syringes in blister packs contain syringes of ondansetron. Fresenius Kabi USA is recalling a lot of mislabeled prefilled syringes that were distributed nationwide.

Study: Overlapping surgeries are safe for patients. A study of more 2,000 neurosurgery patients showed no major difference in post-op complications between overlapping and non-overlapping surgeries.

Coughing fit during cataract surgery costs patient her vision in 1 eye; docs shell out &#036;1.35M. At issue: whether the coughing started before or during the case.

M??lnlycke Sues Smith & Nephew over 'false and deceptive' claims about its wound dressings. The battle for pressure ulcer prevention heats up.

Lawsuit over left-behind ligating clip can proceed. Surgeons allegedly left a ligating clip in a patient's bladder after robot-assisted prostate removal.

Police: Director of surgery center tried to traffic 28g of fentanyl. Police arrest spine surgeon for drug charges during investigation into unrelated cell phone theft.

A look at health care's reimbursement future at ORX. Attendees learned about the triple aim of care: quality, cost and patient satisfaction.

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