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Credit CA:1.75

Documentation is an essential element of nursing practice to promote communication amongst care team members and provide a medical-legal record of patient care. This program outlines factors that influence documentation and cognitive burden, strategies for reducing burden, and real-world outcomes associated with decreased documentation burden.

Credit CA:1.0

This program defines the characteristics of hazardous drugs, identifies groups of HCWs at greatest risk, and describes potential routes and effects of occupational exposure. Recommendations offered by government agencies and professional associations for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) are summarized, focusing on the proper use of gloves and gowns when handling chemotherapy drugs.

Credit CA:1.0

Join AORN's Center for Nursing Leadership for a discussion about revolutionizing your on-site staff wellness programs to improve retention. Hear a case study of programming that has demonstrated results over the past eight years – and how COVID and new generations in the workforce are changing the focus to meet changing employee needs.

Credit CA:3.5

Key characteristics of successful Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) nurses are those nurses that are knowledgeable, confident, efficient, organized and dedicated experts in PD therapy. This education activity offers a comprehensive approach for nurses who want to embark on a PD learning journey. Find out what PD is and how it works, including strategies to develop a structured PD patient training program, based on the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) syllabus.

Credits CA:1.0, NCCT:1.0

The intraoperative transfusion of blood and blood products is associated with increased healthcare costs and negative patient outcomes. To address these concerns and limit unnecessary transfusions, a variety of patient blood management strategies are available, including the use of topical hemostatic agents.

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