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Meet the Speakers

Princess Sarah Culberson

Humanitarian, Actress, Author of "A Princess Found"

Princess Sarah Culberson is a renowned international thought leader, TEDx speaker, artist, and educator known for her work on biracial and cultural identity, as well as her advocacy for Sierra Leone.

Jessica Buchanan

Author, Speaker, Survivor, and Coach

Jessica survived a horrific abduction in Somalia. She went on to write, co-host a podcast, and supports other former hostages and their families.

Chad Foster

Author and Award-Winning Business Leader

Chad was the first blind graduate of the Harvard Business School leadership program. Today, he entertains audiences with his keynote presentations, while breaking down the anatomy of resilience and encourages his audiences to push through setbacks.

Jia Jiang

Inspirational and Emotional Intelligence Speaker

Jiang stepped out of the corporate world and his biggest fear was rejection. He soon discovered that rejection can be much less painful than we believe, and that the fear of rejection is much more destructive than we know.

Education Topics

Watch recordings of 50 education sessions on demand for 90 days.

Session - A New Concept for a Sponge Accounting System in the Operating Room

Speaker - Lorie A Hassel-Chuang

Session - Accuracy of Scott Triggers™ in Predicting Postoperative Pressure Injury

Speaker - Vallire Hooper

Session - Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Nurse to Nurse Bullying

Speaker - Stephanie Landmesser

Session - Building a Strong and Successful Orientee

Speaker - Stacey Dusik

Session - Building Pathways: A Two-Week Peri-Operative Immersion Program for Student Nurses

Speaker - Jenny Mendenhall

Session - Cannabis and Your Perioperative Patient

Speaker - Barbara Nalley

Session - Change the Vibe: Strategies to Promote Teamwork and Increase Staff Satisfaction

Speaker - Jacqueline Gardocki

Session - Counting: Changing the Policy and Implementing Best Practice Guidelines

Speaker - Hannah Shufeldt

Session - Developing a Terminal Clean Audit Process

Speaker - Crystal Heishman

Session - Don’t Forget About Us

Speaker - Ebony Mitchell-Wallace

Session - Eliminating Wrong Surgeries Through Improved Teamwork and Communication

Speaker - Melissa Hermanson/p>

Session - Embracing Gamification: Gaming Your Way to Survey Readiness

Speaker - Nicole Helgeson

Session - Encouraging a CAM do Attitude: Using Aromatherapy in the Perioperative Setting

Speaker - Amanda Thurber

Session - Four Strategies to Reduce Nurse Labor Costs by Building Better Schedules

Speaker - Shelley Simkins

Session - Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare: An Idea That's Time Has Come!

Speaker - Lucy Leclerc

Session - I Remember That! – Using Gamification to Improve Knowledge Retention with Periop Staff

Speaker - Kayla Haugen

Session - Intraoperative Patient Positioning Assessments

Speaker - Sara Booth

Session - Learning by ESCAPING the Operating ROOM

Speaker - Louie Ang

Session - Making the Most of Borescope Inspection

Speaker - Andrew Sundet

Session - Making your Mark: Pathway to AORN Fellowship and Professional Success

Speaker - Carol Applegeet

Session - Methods to Safely Transport Healthcare Processed Items Outside of the Facility

Speaker - Susan Klacik

Session - Mission Possible; New OR Leadership Improves OR Efficiencies

Speaker - Carol Ann Gioia

Session - Music to Our Ears: Strategies to Implement the CDC SSI Guidelines on Colorectal Surgery.

Speaker - Peter Graves

Session - Organ Procurement and the OR Nurse: The Relationship the OR Needs

Speaker - Lindsey Joyce

Session - Patient First! Emphasizing the OR Nurse's Safety During Patient Handling

Speaker - Shosha Beal

Session - Pediatric Perioperative Passport Project: The Road to Recovery

Speaker - Ann Shea/p>

Session - Perioperative Care of Pediatric Patient with Hirschsprung Disease

Speaker - Magdalena Sayed

Session - Perioperative Considerations for Care of the Transgender Patient

Speaker - Andrea Dyer

Session - Pit Crew Model Improves OR Efficiency

Speaker - Andrew Smith

Session - Pouring into Preceptors

Speaker - Mary Anne Toledano

Session - Prime Time Utilization increasing Operating Room Efficiency

Speaker - George Colvin

Session - QR Code do Matters – Eco Provided Knowledge and Procedures and Team Engaging

Speaker - Bruno Alexandre Teixeira

Session - Rebuilding the OR

Speaker - Karolina Valaitis

Session - Reduction of Surgical Site Infections: A Three-Pronged Interventional Approach

Speaker - Cheryl Ernst

Session - Resilience, Retention, and Self-Care for Nurses

Speaker - Brian Lee

Session - Self Awareness: Are you a Bully?

Speaker - May Saulan

Session - Shaping Our Future by Leaving a Collaborative Mark

Speaker - Joanne Oliver-Coleman

Session - Sir Robert Jones Day: Keeping Perioperative Orthopedic Education at the Forefront

Speaker - Danielle Ward

Session - Smoke Evacuation Legislation: A Marathon and a Sprint

Speaker - Jennifer Pennock

Session - Stoking The Fire Of Annual Competencies: Team Based Immersion with Camping Themed Games

Speaker - Storri Blake

Session - Stop the Snooze: Improved Technologies & Techniques for Making Safety Education Stick

Speaker - Michael Sinnott

Session - Successful Partnership Raises Central Processing Standards and Quality

Speaker - Bonnie Weinberg

Session - Surgical Staffing and Scheduling Optimization: What Can That Look Like?

Speaker - Elizabeth Williams

Session - The Hidden Story: Using Data to Build and Lead Flourishing Frontline Surgical Teams

Speaker - Brian Ferguson

Session - Self Awareness: The Truth About Iodine Allergy: What Perioperative Nurses Need to Know

Speaker - Laila Bailey

Session - They're Coming, They're Coming! Let Me Help You be Survey Ready!

Speaker - Beth Hogan

Session - To Err is Human: Support for Perioperative Second Victims

Speaker - Julie Cahn

Session - Turning Over Time Through Teamwork

Speaker - Vita Tan

Session - We Don't Do That Here! Trauma Preparation in a Non-Trauma Operating Room

Speaker - Margaret Vance

Session - What’s Behind the Other Double Doors- What’s Your Relationship with Sterile Processing

Speaker - Cynthia Thomas

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