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To prevent the development of SSIs, particularly those caused by multidrug-resistant organisms, surgical instruments should be kept as clean as possible during operative and other invasive procedures to reduce the build-up of biofilms.

Patient and worker safety is an essential consideration when using the chair positioning device.

This article discusses instrument contamination, how to deal with contamination, and tips for speaking up about contamination.

Thriving as an introverted OR nurse is possible through awareness and communication.

This article describes what forensic evidence is and provides recommendations for handling it to maintain integrity.

Nurses speak up for so many that sometimes they forget to speak up for themselves.

Learn about important components of ACDF, such as patient assessment, positioning, surgical prep, needed supplies, and more.

The surgeon will choose suture needles based on the procedure type, location of the surgical incision, and tissue type.

To help you navigate your first Expo with confidence, one nurse put together a top 20 list of things to remember as you plan your trip and as you make your way through this exciting perioperative event.

The type and size of suture used for a procedure are based on numerous factors, such as wound location and size, desired strength, and type of repair.

Showing your orientees how to find the answer and troubleshoot, assert themselves, and interact effectively with a team is 90% of the battle of being successful in the OR.

Nurses should feel empowered, use their voice, and always establish a safe zone with their team.

The ability to speak up for yourself is critical to your longevity in OR, and nurses who can advocate for themselves are practicing the ultimate self-care.

Learn about the three steps to incorporate into practice to ensure a safe working environment for patients and colleagues.

The purpose of the preference card is to act as a guide for the surgical case.

The ESU, the most widely used and cherished piece of surgical equipment, is far more complex than many of us realize.

Learn about the essential steps to take and supplies needed to manage an airway emergency.

Functioning as an RN circulator in an OR full of surgeons and support staff can seem very overwhelming for a novice nurse; however, the room can and will run smoothly with confidence.

What is the neutral zone and how can it be used to protect staff and patients?

Get quick tips for a facial prep.

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