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6 Results for Periop Today 01/10/24

Salary survey numbers are in. Find out how your salary compares through AORN’s just updated salary calculator.

See what’s new in the 2024 updated Guideline for Safe Patient Handling & Movement (SPHM). Critical updates every periop RN needs to know to decrease patient and staff injuries.

How to Navigate Recruitment, Retention & Team Engagement: a panel of high-ranking periop RN execs recently talked about ideas to overcome staffing headaches in a recent AORN webinar.

Big Changes for Surgery Centers: CMS now covers more procedures, including total shoulder replacements, for Medicare patients at ASCs. Plus, discover urgent cybersecurity tips for 2024 — essential reading for all surgical leaders.

Learn how correct patient positioning and positioning devices can prevent intraoperative nerve injuries.

Just because you always have, doesn’t mean you should. Formalin fumes are dangerous to your health. There’s a better way! » Sponsored by Milestone Medical

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