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5 Results for Periop Today 02/08/23

Actions should be taken to prevent waterborne pathogen dispersion during use of hand hygiene and surgical scrub sinks.

Do you have a sense of something new calling you? The resilience you built through COVID has readied you for new professional pathways to uncover with these career tips from Dr. Phyllis. And if you're an AORN member, schedule a career coaching session.

Learn three (3) key considerations when building and launching an ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

Bridging Generational Divides (Pt. 1): Listen to a conversation between AORN President Vangie Dennis and a Gen Z periop nurse about the hurdles of being the youngest member of an OR team and challenging her generation’s stereotypes. Listen to this new episode.

The revised Guideline for Patient Positioning now recommends the use of a briefing process. See new recommendations for 2023.

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