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6 Results for Periop Today 02/28/24

Surgical positioning can be an undervalued task for all staff. They can and do perform this task several times throughout the day and but can lapse into autopilot mode. Review this photo essay to stay fresh on this critical protocol.

Effective communication is essential to safe patient hand-offs. The updated guideline includes a revised recommendation that calls for staff training on structured hand-off protocols. Find elements of an effective structured hand-off to develop or refine your process.

Almost half of all nurses looking to pursue graduate education are opting for the Nurse Practitioner path—is it right for you? One NP expert breaks down what it takes and where it can get you.

Elevate your quality initiatives by avoiding these common pitfalls in 2023 studies and exploring a sample case that sheds light on crucial aspects of a performance improvement project.

Discover the challenges and lessons learned by a new periop RN in the OR. From spotting contamination to advocating for patient safety, read about the importance of speaking up and working together for the best outcomes.

Building a trusting relationship between the new hire and preceptor takes time, but there are some things that a preceptor can do to develop the trusting relationship, like be explicit about expectations, create opportunities for clinical experiences, provide a feedback form and create a psychologically safe environment.

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