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Periop Today is our bi-weekly member newsletter that delivers perioperative news, clinical recommendations, professional development opportunities, and legislative guidance. Periop Today also features AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice implementation tools, key takeaways, and a variety of perioperative resources. 

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5 Results for Periop Today 04/10/24

What do you know about the new ASC-only C codes and net payment increases? Get up to speed on the reimbursement landscape.

Unintended retained surgical items (RSIs) pose significant risks, often leading to patient harm and emotional distress for operating room teams. Despite ongoing efforts, RSIs remain a top concern in surgery. Read about their effective approaches to enhance surgical safety and minimize RSIs.

Are you reluctant to lead? The literature is showing a shift toward changes to prepare happier, healthier nurse leaders. This change might open your mind to a high-demand leadership career path.

Your knowledge of forensic specimen handling is critical to ensure that all potential sources of evidence are protected during patient care and surgical procedures. Master forensic specimen handling with this overview of what periop nurses need to know.

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is a rare, serious condition that requires prompt response. Simulation exercises, like those at Orlando Health, help teams practice their response and communication. Explore training methods, such as drills, technology, and virtual reality, to prepare healthcare teams for MH emergencies.

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