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Time Out is the last chance for every member of the team to review patient and procedure details together and speak up with any safety concerns. The average two-minutes it takes for a fully engaged Time Out is time well spent for patient safety. Time Out Day is June 12. Discover and download Time Out Day resources and education materials from AORN.

Discover effective strategies to stop periop nurse bullying in Stephanie Landmesser's presentation at AORN Expo 2024. Learn how creating respectful, collaborative environments can enhance nurse satisfaction and patient outcomes. Access her insights and more by registering for a Virtual Pass, available through July 15. Explore how to foster a healthier, more supportive OR!

Discover the four essential leadership skills one leader is honing to nurture future leaders, enhance retention, and champion wellness.

Struggling to fill nursing positions in your ASC? You're not alone. The nurse shortage hits surgical specialties hard, especially ASCs. Jeanine Watson is Senior Manager of the Ambulatory Surgery Division at AORN. Listen in as she shares practical strategies to tackle these issues. Discover how to keep your center running smoothly and successfully recruit skilled periop nurses.

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