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According to The Joint Commission, a major contributing factor leading to wrong surgeries is a lack of sufficient Time-Out procedures. National Time Out Day reminds surgical teams to reevaluate critical preop communications to prevent wrong surgeries and adverse events. Explore the latest evidence on best practices for Time Out and find resources to improve team communication in surgery.

As periop nurses, we're committed to keeping the care setting safe for patients and staff. But our work is complex, and the OR setting is dynamic. AORN brings you critical guideline updates for 2024 to help you keep patients and staff safe and injury-free. Don't miss the 2024 updates to the AORN Guideline for Safe Patient Handling and Movement.

Consumer-based ChatGPT is just one example of the versatile resources artificial intelligence can offer OR leaders today, and getting started is as simple as asking your question.

Even the most experienced infection preventionists may stumble into these common pitfalls. See how you can mitigate these risks to safeguard your patients and periop team.

New webinar: Learn how to identify a pressure injury, evidence-based skin assessment tools focused on the perioperative environment, and appropriate evidence-based prevention techniques for high-risk patients. Includes case studies are also provided to help understand the prevention tools.

Periop Talk: How good are you at advocating for yourself? A recent article indicated that, among 34% of nurses who wanted to quit their jobs, 52% said they were dissatisfied with their salary. It’s important to think about how you would negotiate a salary increase or promotion.

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