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AORN is governed by an elected board of directors and by member appointed delegates who serve in AORN’s House of Delegates. These delegates oversee and vote to update and modify AORN’s Bylaws, which include criteria for membership, descriptions of elections, terms of office, and more. AORN’s Nominating Committee (NC) serves to shape AORN’s future leaders and the association’s annual ballot for national office. Learn more about voting for candidates and other aspects of AORN governance.

Board of Directors

The AORN Board of Directors consists of the officers and seven elected members. It has the power, authority, and responsibility to manage the affai...


AORN bylaws are developed and modified by members of AORN’s House of Delegates. These bylaws are used to direct key areas of the association, in...

Voting Matters

The AORN national ballot for the 2019-2020 term of office has been announced. Get ready to vote at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2019 in Nashville.

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Nominating Committee

The member responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to solicit and receive nominations for potential candidates for all elected positions, ...